Additive Dosing Skid

The Turbotect dosing skid comes as a compact, workshop-assembled, pre-tested and ready-to-use unit. The skid doses the fuel additive (TURBOTECT 128) into the low pressure section of the fuel line. It is equipped with two redundant dosing pumps for safe operation of gas turbines operated on crude oil. Designed for heavy-duty operation (heavy industry) with local control and prepared to be connected and integrated into the GT control system.


Stationary, permanently connected to the fuel system
Main dimensions LxWxH : 2300х1800х1850 [mm]
Fluid 1000 litres stainless steel storage tank
Stainless steel piping, PN16
Indoor and outdoor application
Integration into control system of the gas turbine
Optional engineering to customer requirements


Please contact us should you have specific additional requirements. With over 40 years of experience in fuel treatment we will be happy to engineer and offer a custom made solution.