Gas Turbine Air Intake & Acoustics Systems

We are the exclusive distributors of Cullum Energy in India and other parts of Asia. In partnership with Cullum, our group has executed several gas turbine air intake system and acoustic enclosure projects including retrofitting of old gas turbine systems with the latest technological advancements for better performance.

Cullum Energy is a World Leader in Noise Control, Filtration and Emissions Reduction Systems for Industrial Gas Turbines & Turbo-machinery.

We support Projects from Concept Engineering, through Global Manufacture and onto Site Installation & Commissioning.

Our Products and Services include:
  • Air Filtration Systems for Onshore & Offshore Environments
  • Air Intake Systems, including Inlet Chilling for Power Augmentation
  • Combustion Exhaust Systems
  • Exhaust Emissions Reduction Solutions (CO and NOx)
  • Acoustic Enclosures & Ventilation Systems
  • Support Steelwork and Access Equipment
  • Site Installation Services – Mechanical & Electrical
  • Retrofit and Upgrades for existing Gas Turbine Installations

Product Overview

Air Intake Filtration Systems for Gas Turbines & Turbo-Machinery
Cullum are a World Leading provider of Gas Turbine Air Intake Filtration Systems for Onshore and Offshore Environments, including:

  • Pulse Clean Filters – Horizontal & Vertical Configurations
  • Static Filtration Systems, including EPA
  • Customised Solutions

Noise Control Equipment for Gas Turbines & Turbo-machinery
Cullum are a Market Leader in Noise Control Solutions for Gas Turbines & Turbo-machinery (Driven Equipment), including:

  • Acoustic Enclosures & Ventilation Systems
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Exhaust Systems & Emissions Control
  • Steelwork & Auxiliary Equipment

Combustion Exhaust Systems for Gas Turbines
Cullum are a World Class Provider of Complete Combustion Exhaust Systems for Gas Turbines Applications, including:

  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Exhaust Silencers
  • ATEX Compliant Solutions
  • Hot & Cold Casing Exhaust Ductwork
  • Expansion Joints
  • Diverters
  • WHRU

Gas Turbine Inlet Chilling for Power Augmentation
Cullum are a Leading Provider of Air Inlet Chilling Solutions for Boosting the Power Output from your Gas Turbine. Our Products and Services for New & Retrofit Projects include:

  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Chilling Coils
  • Fogging Systems
  • Associated Equipment

Emissions Reduction Systems (CO & NOx Catalyst Systems)
Cullum are a Class Leading Provider of Emissions Reduction Systems for Gas Turbine Applications for New Build & Retrofit Projects to comply with the latest Regulations and IED Requirements, including:

  • CO Oxidation Catalysts
  • NOx Control SCR Catalysts

Package Refurbishment and Life Extension for Gas Turbine & Turbo-machinery Applications
Cullum offer an Extensive Range of Refurbishment and Life Extension Services for Gas Turbine & Turbo-machinery Applications including:

  • Inspection and Condition Assessments
  • Engineering Reports & Recommendations
  • Modifications, Upgrades and Replacement Equipment