Home Lighting Kits

Nearly one fifth of the world’s population – over 1.3 billion people – still has no access to electricity. Energy poverty mainly affects private individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa and developing countries in Asia.

We want to increase access to clean, affordable energy in rural communities without access to grid-based electricity by promoting modern off-grid lighting products and mini-grid connections.

In rural electricity-starved communities, clean solar lighting systems can have a real impact on the quality of life by improving:

  • EDUCATION: Availability of sustainable economic lighting allows for more hours for study.
  • EMPLOYMENT: Increased economic opportunity and income generation potential
  • SAFETY: Using solar energy is safer than kerosene lamps and helps to avoid dangerous hazards
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Solar panels emit very little pollution, reducing the effects of global warming


Our premium World Bank approved solar home lighting solutions are brighter and more durable than most other kits on the market. With a brightness of 520 lumens and a 2 year warranty, our home lighting kits have lit up lives across Africa and Asia.


  • 12V / 4AH
  • 2 high-quality LED bulbs
  • 5W PV panel
  • 5M cable
  • USB charging socket for mobile phone
  • 12V / 4AH sealed lead acid battery
  • 2 year warranty
  • 100% of brightness remains after 2000 hours of run time
  • World Bank Approved
Solar Light Kit
Solar Light Kit