Magnesium Additive

TURBOTECT 128 is a 28% magnesium, advanced, high quality oil-soluble fuel additive for reliable high temperature corrosion protection of gas turbines operating on high ash-bearing fuels.

TURBOTECT 128 offers significant economic and operational benefits compared to other magnesium fuel additives. A reduced additive consumption of up to 61% lowers transport costs, handling efforts, storage requirements and other operational expenses.

TURBOTECT 128 is a high-tech product effectively preventing high temperature vanadic oxidation. Its stability and water resistance outperforms sulfonate and carboxylate type additives.


Offers significant economic and operational benefits. Drastically reduces consumption compared to lower concentrate additives
28 % of highly reactive magnesium ensure reliable high temperature corrosion protection in the hot gas path of the turbine
Exceptionally high stability, water tolerance and asphaltene compatibility in crude oils and heavy residual-grade fuels
Successfully used in hundreds of Siemens and GE gas turbines worldwide


284 kg drums

1250 kg ECOBULK-IBC’s

TURBOTECT 128 is classified as non-hazardous for transportation.

For precautionary advice please ask for and consult the MSDS.


Technical questions about using and applications
Additive Dosing Skid for TURBOTECT 128


Turbotect offers a range of fuel additives that are specially designed to control high temperature corrosion and ash fouling of gas turbine hot section components.