Pulsation Control Products

In collaboration with Performance Pulsation Control, we specialize in the engineering, design and manufacture of Pulsation Control Devices. Our expert engineers provide custom solutions for Oil & Gas, Well Service, Chemical Plant, Refinery, Water Treatment and a variety of Industrial Applications. When you call us for Pulsation Control, you can count on a worry-free customer experience from start to finish with fast delivery!

Discharge Dampners


Pump and piping system vibrations lead to premature equipment failure and unsafe conditions. Protect yoursystem system with a custom designed solution that will:

  • Dampen high and low frequency pulsation energies
  • Maintain required pressure and flow profiles
  • Increase pump and fluid-end life
  • Improve pump safety and piping system protection
  • Decrease system operating costs and downtime
  • Provide consistent performance and best return value

PD Series

Gas Charged

  • Cost effective
  • Proven performance
  •  Compact, lightweight design
  • Top repairable/servicable
  • Interchangeable with competitor product parts
  • High pre-charge
  • Wide range of volume & pressure capabilities

DR Series

Maintenance Free

  • Best return value
  • Reactive design
  • Consistent performance with long service life
  • Perfect for offshore or remote locations
  • Customizable to achieve optimal levels of                     pulsation control

Status Flow Series

Gas Charged

  • Small/lightweight – easy install
  • Great performance in an affordable & durable            package
  • Top repairable/servicable
  •  Flow through style available

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In fact, now the Drilling Contractor or Oil Company, no longer have to continue the tradition of utilizing the old style gas charged bladder technology. You have a much improved choice, PPC’s Maintenance Free Reactive Discharge Dampener.


  • Reduce mud pump pulsation levels?
  • Eliminate pulsation dampener maintenance?
  • Eliminate the inventory costs of spare parts for the gas charged dampener?
  • Improve safety?
  • Eliminate costly downtime associated with MWD signal detection problems?

PPC’s Maintenance Free Dampeners are your solution Benefits:

  • Pulsation levels are virtually constant over entire pump pressure operating range
  • Maintenance Free – No gas charging or bladder change out required Dampens both types of pulsations – Flow and acceleration
  • Significantly reduces pulsations versus bladder dampeners
  • Better MWD signal detection – Significantly reduced pulsation energy less likely to interfere
  • Better fatigue life – All components affected by pressure will have better fatigue life
  • Pump room hydraulic noise reduced – Lower pulsation energy cause less pipe vibration and associated noise
  • Safety is improved by virtue of eliminating maintenance and gas charging!


Without Dampener
Pressure Variation – 9307 kPa

Extreme Pressure Variation
Potentially violent and unsafe
piping system vibration

Without Dampener
Pressure Variation – 9307 kPa

Dramatic Improvement
Prolong pump life and
maximize efficiency

Gas Charged and Maintenance Free

Customization Options:

  • Standard from 34.4 mPa – 103.4 mPa with higher pressures available
  • Custom inlet/outlet connections and nozzle arrangements
  • High temp and corrosion resistant materials available
  • Vent and drain options

Suction Stabilizers


Pulsation problems often start on the suction side. Pulsation or cavitation is caused by the variation of fluid movement within a contained system. Since fluid is non-compressible, the energy produced by this pulsation or cavitation must be compensated for. With the introduction of pulsation equipment into a system this energy now has a place to expend itself. Without the pulsation equipment involved in your pumping system, the pulsation or cavitation that is present can lead to the following:

  • Increased pump maintenance costs due to pre-mature plunger and valve failure.
  • Loss of optimum pump performance.
  • Increased down time for repairs of weakened piping systems.

Our custom designed suction stabilizers:

  • Provide efficient and consistent fluid supply to pump over a broad range of pressures
  • Minimize potential for cavitation and extend pump life
  • Isolate the pump from the suction line, virtually
  • Eliminating acceleration head-pressure loss
  • Promote acoustic isolation

Status FlowTM SF Series

Cartridge Style

  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for most suction conditions
  • Top servicable
  • Internally coated for  severe duty
  • Wide range of cartridge elastomers

VT Series

Maintenance Free

  • Highest level of pulsation control
  • Ideal for high-temp service
  • Works well for remote stations
  • Virtual elimination of acceleration head loss
  • Flexible nozzle orientation
  • No elastomers for broad range of fluid                       compatibility

SC Series

Maintenance Free

  • High performance level in compact package
  • Closed cell, nitrogen infused cellular                           technology
  •  Axial-flow split shell designs available
  • Simple & easy install
  • Reliable & consistent over service life


Put our suction stabilizers to work for you! 

  High peak to peak variation =

  • Poor pump operation
  • Possible cavitation

  Tighter control of suction flow =

  • More efficient pump operation

Customization Options:

  • Flow through design available – increases NPSHA
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant materials and coatings available
  • Multiple nozzle orientation and location options