Special Blends


Since different corrosion patterns can occur the We offers more than 15 different additive formulations designed to address particular contaminations and operating conditions. The available additive formulations are based on the following active components and are offered in various combinations and concentrations:

* Magnesium [Mg] * Chromium [Cr] * Silicon [Si]

Additives containing magnesium [Mg] are primarily used to control vanadic oxidation by modifying ash composition and increasing the ash melting point. By combining V2O5 at an appropriate Mg/V treatment ratio magnesium orthovanadate [3MgO.V2O5] with a high melting point of about 1243°C (2269°F) formes as a new ash component. Corrosion is controlled by ensuring that the combustion ash remains in a solid state on gas turbine blades and vanes and does not melt. By reacting with sulfur in the fuel the magnesium additionally generates magnesium sulfate [MgSO4] ash. Being water-soluble this ash facilitates the removal of combustion ash in general through periodic washing of the hot gas path enabling the recovery of lost power.

Chromium [Cr] additives are specially designed to inhibit sulfidation corrosion caused by alkali metal contaminants such as sodium and potassium. Chromium has shown to reduce ash fouling through a mechanism believed to involve the formation of volatile compounds which pass through the turbine without depositing. Innoway offers products containing only chromium or a combination with magnesium and/or other components. Additives containing silicon [Si] increase corrosion protection and improve the ash friability in specific applications.