What is Hydro formed Clad Line pipe

Clad pipes manufactured by Hydroforming process.
Hydroforming process is a process where a CRA liner is formed into the shape of the mother carbon steel pipe using hydrostatic pressure to provide a mechanical bond between the two materials.

  • By using the 38K tonne press, we can Hydro form pipes from 4 inch (114mm) to 20 inch ( 508mm) diameter with wall sections ranging from 0.250 inch (6mm) to 1.77 inch ( 45mm)


  • Use of high strength API Carbon steel outer pipe in ranges X52 to X70 with a combined corrosion resistant alloy liner in double random pipe lengths
  • Optimisation of the liner material to meet service requirements using selective CRA materials
  • Safe, fast and consistent manufacturing process
  • Cost effective when compared to solid alloy and metallurgically bonded pipes whilst maintaining excellent corrosion resistance
  • Savings on CAPEX and OPEX
  • Can be used for Onshore and Offshore application