Waste Heat Recovery Systems

The most Compact, Lightweight and cost effective way of recovering heat from your gas turbine exhaust.

The CiBAS (Concentric, Integral By pass and silencing) WHRU combines the helical coil heat exchanger, exhaust gas control (Damper) value & silencer into a single module which is delivered complete, cold commissioned and ready for installation in just one day. CiBAS Technology is specifically designed to save weight, space and increase thermal efficiency.

CiBAS simple design allows it to be utilized in:

  • New Developments
  • Upgrades
  • Retrofits
  • Modifications

For retrofits and upgrades, to minimise time and cost, and to accommodate the clients offshore crane limits, the CiBAS unit can be shipped and lifted in modular sections. Due to the inherent simplicity of its design,CiBAS ensures rapid installation, hook-up and deployment.

With the introduction of the patented and unique CiBAS Technology, we togetherwith our partner Citechhave incorporated the benefits of a high efficiency concentric helical heat exchanger into a cylindrical casing, developed from years of Fired Heater experience Together with a wealth of knowledge of the offshore industry; we have created a concept aimed at providing leading edge innovation.

The Unique advantage of CiBAS

Low weight and low centre of gravity

Single moving part – high reliability low maintenance

Requires minimal support steel work

Integral fail-to-safe bypass sleeve

Linear gas flow through the unit confirmed by extensive CFD modelling

Low wind resistance

Single lift installation

Cold commissioning at factory

Current CiBAS range covers exhaust gas flow up to 130 Kg/s

Up to 50% smaller footprint

Integral high efficiency heat exchanger

Integral silencer

Each unit is designed for individual customer needs

Suitable for new builds and retrofits

Proven technology (over 70 CiBAS Units installed)

Damper sealing efficiency remains consistent throughout unit life

Atex complaint, Cold case design (outer case < 650c)

Atex complaint, Cold case design (outer case < 650c)