Lubricity Improvers


Our TURBOTECT ER-517 and TURBOTECT ER-517N are specifically designed to control corrosion in aggressive naphtha fuels and gas condensates. Both lubricity improvement additives have been developed to address wear problems in gas turbine fuel pumps and flow dividers as well as to alleviate excessive operational and maintenance issues when burning low lubricity fuels. A break-through in tribology incorporating the most recent chemical developments in lubricity improving molecules.

Our TURBOTECT ER-517 and TURBOTECT ER-517N, unlike earlier-generation products available on the market, have been specifically developed to address the unique technical requirements of the gas turbine industry avoiding some undesirable properties of older-generation products such as insolubility, instability and incompatibility.


  • High purity product with ultra-low concentration of trace metal contaminants
  • No phosphorous or chlorine compounds
  • Extremely low content of solids and high filterability
  • Unequalled anti-wear efficiency
  • Excellent mixing behaviour and compatibility with a wide range of gas turbine fuels
  • Avoidance of troublesome gum deposits
  • Absence of any negative interaction with traces of iron in the fuel
  • No interaction with other fuel additives


208-litres steel drums (184 kg net weight)


TURBOTECT ER-517 is classified as non-hazardous for transportation.

TURBOTECT ER-517 is classified as hazardous for transportation.

For precautionary advice please ask for and consult the MSDS.