About us

Company Profile

The Innoway-sea group of companies first entered the energy industry in the 1970s as a supplier and distributor of premium equipment and provider of services to the Oil & Gas Industry in Asia. Over the years, in keeping with the needs of our customers, we have diversified into the renewables sector and offer premium products and services including project management in all spheres of the energy sector. Our clients range from industry and infrastructure giants such as oil & gas majors, petrochemical companies to cutting-edge renewable energy technology providers. Today we have a foot print in the power generation industry around the world from India, Australia, Europe to China.

Our company is headquartered in Singapore which is the financial hub of Asia Pacific and enables us to design and offer unique financing solutions for the projects that we undertake. On the other hand, our technical team is led by pioneers in the German power generation industry ensuring that we deliver the most innovative, advanced and reliable solutions to our customers.


The team at Innoway has a combined experience in the energy industry for over 40 years and has worked on many innovative breakthrough transactions in Asia and Europe. In doing so, we have built excellent working relationship with customers, suppliers, governments, and other institutions ensuring we have credibility in the regions where we work and the ability to adapt to unique local requirements. Our long standing experience in this sector has allowed us to develop skills, contacts, procedures and best practice that ensure we can deliver outstanding results to our customers.

We have established successful collaborations with market leaders around the globe and our alliances both strengthen and complement our offerings. We are unique among our competitors in being able to call on our long standing international energy experience combined with an understanding of the innovative technological advances in the energy industry.

CEO’s Message
“Our team combines top class international experience in the energy sector in markets spanning UK, Germany, South-east Asia and the Indian subcontinent.”
– Ashok Patni