CFD Analysis


When optimizing compressor cleaning droplet trajectories or turbine blades a field test or experiment might be needed to prove the effectiveness of the applied solution concept. Sadly testing of most of the aerodynamic or fluidal processes can be quite complex, time consuming and very costly. A realistic setup needed for a test can be even difficult or nearly impossible to arrange. Here Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can assist and provide solutions.


Based on our longstanding comprehensive experience in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics we have developed our own unique concept of hydraulic calculations and CFD-modelling of axial compressor cleaning systems. Over time we have analysed and optimised axial compressor washing systems of more than 35 different gas turbines. This experience enables us to provide expertise for the optimization of wash systems in general and to increase the cleaned surface in the compressors by up to 60%. Regardless of the achievements of the past we have never stopped working on improving our approach and the calculation models we use.


We have an expert team ready to professionally take care of your specific problem or task. Innoway has accumulated a vast experience in analysing complex fluid flows and offers customized engineering solutions to handle them. Do you want to calculate the compressor cleaning droplet trajectories and their distribution in the compressor inlet? Our team will be happy to assist.