Gas Turbines

Innoway has joined hands with OPRA turbines for driving the world’s energy transition by bringing cutting-edge gas turbine solutions to projects in Asia.

Opra Turbines

OPRA TURBINES is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced radial gas turbines and gas turbine powered generator sets which can be implemented in single or multiple units.
The 1.8 MW OP16 gas turbine has an industrial, all-radial design which provides robustness, reliability, highest efficiency and low emissions. OPRA Turbines can deliver distributed energy solutions from alternative fuel sources which are well suited for a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Industrial & Commercial, Waste to Power and Marine. Dual fuel and off-specification fuel options are available.

Since August 2017, OPRA Turbines has been fully acquired by Dalian Energas and is now part of the Dalian Energas group. Dalian Energas is an international leading company operating on global level in providing natural gas solutions, holding a primary position in power generation industry and gas supply system market sector.

Why OPRA Turbines?
  • Fuel Flexibility: Multiple fuel use including dual fuel and multi-fuel capabilities. Capable of accepting low calorific fuels.

  • High CHP Capability: High oil free exhaust temperatures available. High heat to power ratio.

  • Small Footprint: Compact 2 x 20ft containers ensure easy installation and few moving parts.

  • Robust Design: All radial design ensures long bearing life. Simple design allows easy access to combustors. Overhaul required only after 4,000 hours.

OPRA market segments
Oil & Gas
  • Upstream

  • Onshore in remote sites

  • Offshore platforms

  • Midstream

  • Pipelines and oil tankers

  • Downstream

  • Refineries

Industrial & Commercial
  • Paper

  • Food processing

  • Ceramic

  • Gypsum

  • Chemical

  • Rubber

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Data centers

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Universities

  • Shopping centers

Waste To Power
  • Alternative fuels

  • Biogas

  • Syngas

  • Pyrolysis oil

  • Industrial off gases

  • Ammonia plants

  • Fertilizer plants

  • Methanol plants

  • Tankers

  • VOCs

  • Military

  • On-site power

  • Cruise ships

  • Propulsion


OPRA Turbines continues to drive the worlds energy transition with over 130 gas turbine generator sets worldwide accumulating over 2 million operating hours.