Solar Modules

Solar energy technology is moving at a pace faster than your imagination

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution and therefore we are not bound to any brands. We design bespoke solutions and only recommend products which are most suitable for your project and cater to your unique requirements.

We are involved in transactions along the entire solar energy value chain – planning, design, supply, installation, monitoring and O&M.

Solar Modules

Thin film, mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, bi-facial or glass-glass modules?

There are many module companies and various technologies. We simplify the technical jargon and help you select the modules with optimum efficiency, durability and the most appropriate cost-benefit trade-off for your needs. And we do this without compromising on quality. With our technical team sitting in Germany, we offer the most advanced technology.

German quality Modules
AE Solar

AE Solar

In exclusive partnership with AE Solar, we offer you high quality modules designed in Germany and manufactured with state-of-the-art machines. Take a look at our international standard factory premises!

The AE Solar P6 and M6 series

You are always on the right side with our P6 and M6 series of poly and monocrystalline solar modules. Best workmanship meets high performance. It goes without saying that all our modules are certified and approved in accordance with the established norms. This secures long durability of your PV system and with the resistance of up to 5400 Pa, your generators are also immune against strong hail and snow.

Standard Monocrystalline Module

Standard Polycrystalline Module

Hot-Spot Free Module
AE HM6-72 Hot-Spot Free Series
Bifacial Module
AE M6-60 BI-Series
Glass-Glass Modules

SOLID PRO – The Bestseller

SOLID SMART – Optimised Glass-Glass

SOLID SOLRIF® – The Glass-Glass BIPV Solution

SOLID SOLRIF® + SMART – The Optimized BIPV Solution