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At Innoway, our business is based around a model of sustainable growth. We first entered the energy industry in the 1970s as a supplier and distributor of premium equipment and provider of services to the Oil & Gas Industry in Asia. Over the years, in keeping with the needs of our customers, we have diversified into the renewables sector and offer premium products and services including project management in all spheres of the energy sector. Our clients range from industry and infrastructure giants such as oil & gas majors, petrochemical companies to cutting-edge renewable energy technology providers. Today we have a foot print in the power generation industry around the world from India, Australia, Europe to China.

Our Products

Reliability and Support in any situation.

We design bespoke solutions and select products suitable for the unique requirements of each project.

  • Solar Modules

    Thin film, mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, bi-facial or glass-glass? We help you select the modules with optimum efficiency, durability and the most appropriate cost-benefit trade-off for your needs.

  • Smart Monitoring System

    Our Smart Solar Diagnostic (SDS) System uses Artificial Intelligence to provide state-of-the-art monitoring solution.

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

    We provide end-to-end solutions for PV plants and can hand hold you through the entire process starting from feasibility analysis, design, layout, electro-technical engineering, cash-flow forecasting, design and engineering.

  • Financing

    Headquartered in the vibrant financial hub of Singapore, we can provide financial solutions for both debt and equity requirements of businesses.

  • Gas Turbine Control Systems

    We offer Optimum control system solutions for existing turbines, reciprocating engines and related equipment.

  • Gas Turbine Acoustic Systems

    Our group has executed several gas turbine air intake system and acoustic enclosure projects including retrofitting of old gas turbine systems with the latest technological advancements for better performance.

  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems

    We offer the most compact, lightweight and cost effective way of recovering heat from your gas turbine exhaust.

  • Pulsation Control Products

    We specialize in the design and engineering of maintenance pulsation control equipment. Our engineering team can provide field and acoustical analysis to guide you in achieving the highest performance from your reciprocating pumps.

Our Partners
President’s Message
“We are bridging the boundaries between different sciences and integrating them to offer innovative products and services that can make a real difference to the world.”
– Wolfram Krockow
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